BecomeAnEX is a Web-based smoking cessation educational program funded by the Truth Initiative. It was developed in accordance with the Clinical Practice Guidelines for Treating Tobacoo Use and Dependence. It aims to assist users to reduce tobacoo use and dependence through a custom plan. The program is composed of eight elements, including (1) My Quit Plan, a checklist that helps smokers set a quit date and tracks their progress through the steps of the quit plan; (2) Beat Your Smoking Triggers, a list of common triggers with tips for dissociating cigarettes from them; (3) a Cigarette Tracker to help smokers identify and track their smoking triggers; (4) Separation Exercises to teach smokers how to separate smoking a cigarette from the activities that trigger cravings; (5) a Support Exercise to help smokers identify who they can turn to for support when quitting smoking; (6) Quit Smoking Resources, a list of national organizations, state quitlines, and websites that smokers can turn to for additional information and help to quit smoking; (7) texts and videos detailing the importance of medication and the different types available; and (8) the community, a large online network of current and former smokers.

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Truth Initiative (formerly American Legacy Foundation).


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Educational (primarily educational material or psychoeducation).
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Long (more than 5 modules).
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Other. community support

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Adult. Aged 18 and over


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The content of BecomeAnEX is based on an adult smoking cessation campaign called the EX campaign. It was pilot-tested in four U.S. cities during 2006 and 2007 through campaign advertisements. The influence of the campaign was evaluated by telephone survey. Results showed that this evidenced-based mass media campaign with sufficient media levels increased public awareness of smoking cessation regardless of ethnicity. The changes of smoking behaviours were not reported in this study. 

The program was then translated into a Website. Accoridng to the findings from a study among 5983 users aged from 18 to 70 during a six-month observation period, differences in the preference of the eight elements were found among ethnic groups. Utilization was generally higher among whites and African Americans than among Hispanics and other racial minorities, with one exception— community utilization was significantly higher among Hispanic young adults compared with white and African American young adults. In addition, young men had lower levels of utilisation than young women. No data of smoking behaviours were reported in this study. 

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Research paper citations

McCausland, K. L., Allen, J. A., Duke, J. C., Xiao, H., Asche, E. T., Costantino, J. C., & Vallone, D. M. (2009). Piloting EX, a social marketing campaign to prompt smoking cessation. Social Marketing Quarterly, 15, 80-101.

Cantrell, J., Ilakkuvan, V., Graham, A. L., Richardson, A., Xiao, H., Mermelstein, R. J., ... & Vallone, D. M. (2016). Young adult utilization of a smoking cessation website: an observational study comparing young and older adult patterns of use. JMIR research protocols, 5(3).

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