QUITPLAN is a free, professional online counselling service to help you quit smoking (available to those who live or work in Minnesota, USA). Features of the service include:
•    Web-based counselling to help you quit smoking
•    The ability to build your own personalised plan online
•    Tools to track your progress
•    Connect with others online who are in the quitting process
•    Access to an online community of quitters
Once you've registered you will be directed to your own customisable homepage which includes a variety of articles, tips and advice to help you with the program. The program provides several interactive questionnaires and worksheets to help you define the quitting plan best for you. The "Practices" area of the site provides you with an array of tips, tools and advice on how to handle quitting. In the community section, you can connect with others who are in the quitting process through a moderated forum.

Service URL:
Agency Responsible:
ClearWay Minnesota.


Intervention Type:
Psychological – CBT. and motivational interviewing
Course Length:
Short (less than 1 module or equivalent). No set course
Support Option:
Clinical support.

Target Audience

Primary Category:
Target Audience:
Adult. Only people who live or work in Minnesota, USA


Open: With registration. Available only to adults who live or work in Minnesota, USA
Contact Details:

via an online form at www.quitplan.com/contact-us.html

Research evidence

Research Trials:
Research RCTs:
Outcome Summary:

In an observational study, the online QUITPLAN program resulted in a lower 30-day abstinence rate (12.5%) than a helpline (29.3%), in person treatment centre (25.8%), or work-site based program (19.6%). However, website registrants were 4–6 years younger than participants in the other programs and the website program was also more likely than the other programs to attract smokers who did not plan to quit in the next 30 days. Despite the lower readiness to quit at enrolment, more than 90% of website users reported making one or more quit attempts 6 months post-enrolment. No control condition was included in the study; further research using an attention control is needed to examine the effectiveness of the QUITPLAN program in helping smokers to quit.

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There is no evidence at the moment.
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There is no evidence at the moment.

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Research paper citations

  1. An, L. C., Betzner, A., Schillo, B., Luxenberg, M. G., Christenson, M., Wendling, A., Saul, J. E., & Kavanaugh, A. (2010). The comparative effectiveness of clinic, work-site, phone, and Web-based tobacco treatment programs. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 12(10), 989-996.

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